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My latest book, What The Church Must Learn From COVID-19… And Why, is now available! In this book I discuss the church’s response to the COVID-19 experience, what I believe we need to learn from a time of testing and discipline, and why I believe that serious discussion of the events of the past four years is absolutely essential.

This brief and readable book explores issues such as the relationship between Church and State (including a chapter that deals specifically with Romans 13), the limits to government authority, and trends in the Church that led to a lack of unity in her response to the events that began in 2020.

I argue that a large segment of the Church failed to stand up when taking a firm stand was necessary, and provide my own suggestions as to what we need to do to meet the challenges that are bound to come our way in the future.

The hardcover edition of the book (130 pages, heavily footnoted for those who wish to do further research) is available directly from me. Just use the contact form here on the website, tell us how many copies you want and where you want them shipped, and we’ll make arrangements to get them to you. Alternatively, if you are interested in a Kindle version, the book is also available on Amazon.

The hardcover is available for $20.00 plus shipping, and the Kindle version is $9.99.