How In The World Did We Get Here?


We are living in tumultuous times.

Perhaps those are words that could have been spoken by people from every generation since Adam and Eve first began having children.

But the pace of change that our generation is experiencing is unique. Rapid technological advancements and near-instantaneous communication have made very rapid change possible – and that change is happening. It’s hard to keep up. It can leave you wondering, as you look at the society in which we live, “How in the world did we get here???”

“Here” is a world in which transhumanists are seeking immortality through scientific advancement, where biotechnology and nanotechnology are being pressed into the service of those who wish to “hack humans.”

“Here” is a world in which we can no longer assume that someone is male or female because they have the physical characteristics that were formerly believed to make one male or female, a world in which the rainbow has had to be expanded to include the ever-growing number of possible gender and sexual identities.

“Here” is a world in which the technocratic dream of a completely monitored, controlled, and directed world, united under “expert” leadership is well within the realm of possibility.

“Here” is a world in which propaganda is ubiquitous, education is a weapon, and it is impossible to escape the 24/7 bombardment of those who wish to lead us in their chosen direction.

“Here” is a world in which multi-billionaires and multi-billion dollar corporations proclaim their selfless and completely altruistic devotion to the health of the planet and devote their vast resources to implementing their philanthropic desires.

“Here” is a world in which a vast conspiracy exists, a conspiracy that has existed since Satan began his anti-God and anti-human crusade – a crusade against the Lord and against His Anointed, being waged by his willing (and sometimes, perhaps, even unwitting) servants.

In How In The World Did We Get Here?, I introduce all of these topics, with the goal of equipping God’s people to understand the “spirit of the age” and everything it entails, so that we can stand together against it.

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